NP® PROTECTS THE HISTORICAL FACADE OF THE NEWLY RESTORED GRAND PALACE IN LUGANO Facade of Grand Palace coated with NP® surface protection system.

by 건기그룹 posted Nov 23, 2016


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Photo source: Architettura&Design, edition 2015

The following features are realised by the NP® surface protection system:

  • high hydrophobicity and oleophobicity
  • easier removal of pollution from the facade
  • highly abrasion stable
  • salt resistant (road salt, as well as resistance towards salty fog, which leads to damages of the construction material especially in coastal regions)
  • prevention of concrete cancer as well as corrosion on glass and metal surfaces
  • stable towards frost ( effectiveness confirmed for more than 40 frost-dew-changes)
  • the surface remains diffusion-open
  • reduction of weathering damages